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Web Services/API Developer

Ottawa, ON
We are looking for a full-time software developer who will work with our clients back-end web services team. The successful applicant will be well-versed in a back-end web services stack (e.g., Rails API, Flask, .NET Core, etc) with a minimum of three (3) years experience in web services development.
  • 3 years working in a web services team producing commercial software
  • Experience with a web services stack in a common framework (e.g., Rails API, Flask, .NET Core, NODE JS
  • Experience with common web API patterns like REST, SOAP, RPC.
  • Experience with daemons, cron jobs, and asynchronous tasks and related software (Redis, SQS, Hangfire/Sidekiq)
  • Must be able to work their way around a Linux terminal and not afraid to do CLI-based development
  • Experience with Amazon AWS or a similar back-end infrastructure provider
  • Experience with container-based deployments and CI/CD practices
  • Experience with ElasticSearch, Lambda and other vendored dependencies one expects in a web services environment
  • Experience with the e-commerce marketplaces
  • A passion for camping and adventurous pastimes (we have a lot of enthusiasts on staff!)
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